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Dear Parents

I cannot put into words how excited I am to open the doors of my academy to all children. I started teaching at the age of 16 and working with children to this day is the most rewarding experience of all. Having studied numerous styles of dance back in Russia from Ballet to Ballroom I understand how important it is to give well-rounded education in performing arts. My personal journey through drama school made the biggest impact on my performing skills, this is why I would like to offer not just dance classes but also drama, musical theatre and singing to my students.

My vision is to give all children a personal approach whether they want to compete around the country, take exams or just have some fun with their friends. Most importantly I would like to create a happy place where they can be themselves.

My incredible team of teachers and I have carefully put together a variety of classes for children of all ages creating a healthy balance between dance, drama and performing activities. Whatever the road the children choose in life these valuable skills will always be their tools to succeed.

Yours Sincerely, Kristina

“Kristina is available for private and group lessons , seminars and lectures via zoom and in person.
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